Fast and easy way to sharpen your driving skills.

Learn To Drive

Is learning how to drive really as difficult and mind wrenching as so many people make it out to be? Is steering a wheel, stopping and starting at green and red lights, changing gears or switching lanes really as stressful as some make it seem? Are you tired of failing your drivers’ test and left feeling as though driving isn’t for you? For those who do feel that way, Drive Wiser is the quick and simple way to learn how to drive.

With a large arsenal of driving instructors who are ready and more than capable of shooting bad driving in the foot, Drive Wiser has made driving for “dummies” seem effortless. Also, with over 20 years of instructing experience, passing your drivers’ test will never be easier. Their expertise will ensure high, if not perfect scores for your drivers’ and guarantee a high quality of driving in order to maintain safety on the roads.


Road safety:

In a South African context, road safety was led predominantly by the Arrive Alive campaign which has been active for about 10 years now. This campaign was started by a South African lawyer, Johan Jonck, who was determined to make a difference in the lives of other South Africans after losing loved ones to traffic collisions on the roads. Mr. Jonck’s mission for the campaign and development of the website site is “to develop an effective road safety information portal that will enhance awareness of road safety and save lives”. He pronounces that the site is “a personal commitment towards creating road safety awareness in memory of my mom who died in a road traffic crash on the 3rd of December 1972.”

The need for such a campaign has certainly had a direct effect on the nature and quality of driving. And seeing as one must learn to drive, it has also, in turn, affected the quality of driving instructors. At Drive Wiser, the emphasis on road safety is an ideology that is shared, supported and endorsed. The promotion of safe and mindful driving with the consideration of, not only oneself but also the safety of others on the road is crucial to road users. But at Drive Wiser, enforcing rules of the road and road safety is definitely a priority.

Being aware of the notion that not all learners will acquire the necessary skills as fast as the next, there is no set amount of lessons that one is required to take. Learners are encouraged to take their time and not feel pressured to know how to drive after their first or even second lesson. Students are more than welcome to take as many classes as they may feel is necessary. Even if the instructor gives you the go ahead to go for your drivers’ test, those who still feel uncomfortable or nervous can continue with classes until they are 100% confident in the skills that they have obtained.

Smart driving instructors produce smart drivers: that is a concept that is well endorsed by Drive Wiser. If you feel as though this is a philosophy you strongly believe in, let Drive Wiser assist you in learning the rules of the and in becoming a better and safer driver.